Sentence Examples with the word Atlas

Imperial Gazetteer of India (new edition, 1907-1909); Census of India (1901); Statistical Atlas of India (1895); G.

In 42, during the reign of Claudius, he put down a revolt in Mauretania, and was the first of the Romans to cross the Atlas range.

Some sclerophyllous forests of the eastern Atlas Mountains are, owing to a comparatively high rainfall, characterized by many deciduotis trees, such as Fraxinus oxyphylla, Ulmus campestris (auct.

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Berghaus' Physical Atlas (1838-1842), E.

In Algeria the Maritime Atlas has five chief ranges, several mountains rising over 5000 ft.

Toutain, Les Cites romaines de la Tunisie (1895); Atlas archeologique de la Tunisie, published by the Ministry of Public Instruction (1895 foll.); Atlas archeologique de l'Algerie, published by Stephane Gsell (1900 foil.); Toulotte, Geographic de l'Afrique chretienne (1892-1894); Corpus inscriptionum latinarum, vol.

James Rennell (1742-1830), who was surveyor-general of India, published the Bengal Atlas (1781), and sagaciously arranged the vast mass of information collected by British travellers and others in India and Africa, but it is chiefly with the name of Aaron Arrowsmith, who came to London in 1778, and his successors, with which the glory of the older school of cartographers is most intimately connected.

His most valuable works include the Bengal Atlas (1779), the first approximately correct map of India (1783), the Geographical System of Herodotus (1800), the Comparative Geography of Western Asia (1831), and important studies on the geography of northern Africa - in introductions to the Travels of Mungo Park and Hornemann - and the currents of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Drapeyron, Essai sur l'origine, le diveloppement et les resultats de la lutte entre la Neustrie et lAustrasie (Paris, 1867); Auguste Longnon, Atlas historique, 1st and 2nd parts.

In 1870 Anton Fritsch completed his Naturgeschichte der Vogel Europas (8vo, with atlas in folio); and in 1871 Messrs Sharpe and Dresser began the publication of their Birds of Europe, which was completed by the latter in 1879 (8 vols.