Sentence Examples with the word Atherton

The two women in the outer office of the Rosewater and Atherton suite looked up and started to say something as Dean waltzed by to Ethel's closed-door chamber.

Fred spotted one of them at the hospital in Philly after Arthur Atherton was shot but we couldn't run him down.

Dean cornered Atherton near the entrance.

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I'll make sure Arthur Atherton doesn't bother you.

I don't know what Arthur Atherton is up to but he has no more evidence your husband is alive than the man in the moon.

He also mentioned the files missing from Rosewater and Atherton but was silent on Arthur's note to Cynthia Byrne.

The message was signed by Arthur Atherton but it read as if written by a ten-year-old.

If Arthur Atherton had been within a mile, Dean would have beaten him to death with his bare hands.

I want to know why Arthur Atherton is interested in Jeffrey Byrne.

Dean grabbed his coat, glad to be doing something that took his mind off Vinnie Baratto, Arthur Atherton and the fact he and Cynthia Byrne were items of interest to some very nasty people.