Sentence Examples with the word Athamas

The peculiar characteristic of his earliest ritual was the human sacrifice; besides the legend of King Lycaon, we find it in the story of the house of Athamas and in the worship of Zeus Aacuonos of Thessaly, 8 and other examples are recorded.

Many of Homer's heroes have fairy lemans, called nymphs, fairies taken up into a higher region of poetry and religion; and the fairy leman is notable in the story of Athamas and his cloud bride Nephele, but this character is as familiar to the unpoetical Eskimo, and to the Red Indians, with their bird-bride and beaver-bride (see A.

According to a local legend, Athamas was king of Halos in Phthiotis from the first (Schol.

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MELICERTES, in Greek legend, the son of the Boeotian prince Athamas and Ino, daughter of Cadmus.

Jason's uncle Athamas had two children, Phrixus and Helle, by his wife Nephele, the cloud goddess.