Sentence Examples with the word At one

The parasitic and free-living Nematodes are connected by transitional forms which are free at one stage of their existence and parasitic at another; they may be divided into two classes those that are parasitic in the larval state but free when adult, and those that are free in the larval state but parasitic when adult.

Tomatoes will now be fruiting freely; thin out judiciously, avoiding excessive pruning at one time.

High, adorned with reliefs from the life of Christ and dating from 1022, and another column, at one time thought to be an Irminsaule erected in honour of the Saxon idol Irmin, but now regarded as belonging to a Roman aqueduct.

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The principal production is the wool of the merino sheep, which at one time yielded an immense revenue.

In breadth, the surface of the plain, strewn over its whole extent with pieces of pottery and crumbling bricks, and also broken here and there by earthen mounds and ruined walls, the debris of palatial structures which at one time were the glory and wonder of the East.

It is not improbable that it represents a free and individual working over of the original Fescamp version, and that in its later shape it was intended to form, and did at one time form, the Quest section of the cyclic redaction of the Arthurian prose romances, being dislodged from this position by the Galahad Quese.

Patsy got mad at one of the women where we were staying so she swiped her car and we took off.

The paradox of the arrow (7), says Mr Russell, is a plain statement of a very elementary fact: the arrow is at rest at very moment of its flight: Zeno's only mistake was in inferring (if he did infer) that it was therefore at the same point at one moment as at another.

Each length was thus fastened to a sleeper at one end, while at the other it was socketed into the end of its fellow.

See, here's an officer jammed in too-- different voices were saying in the crowd, as the men looked at one another, and all pressed toward the exit from the bridge.