Sentence Examples with the word Asunción

His doings at Asuncion belong, however, not to the history of Argentina, but of Paraguay.

VILLA RICA, the largest city in the interior of Paraguay, on the railway from Asuncion (70 m.

Provides direct and regular communication between Asuncion and New York.

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Out of 1320 ships which entered Asuncion in 1908 and 1184 which cleared, none was of British or United States nationality.

The only railway in the republic is the Paraguay Central which was open in 1906 between Asuncion and Pirap6 (154 m.).

Finding their comrades did not return, Irala and his companions determined to descend the river, and on their downward journey opposite the mouth of the river Pilcomayo, finding a suitable site for colonizing, they founded (1536) what proved to be the first permanent Spanish settlement in the interior of South America, the future city of Asuncion (15th August 1536).

Telegraph lines connect Asuncion with other towns, and two cables put the republic in communication with the rest of the world by way of Corrientes and Posadas.

They were intended to shorten the journey between Buenos Aires and Asuncion from 5 days to 36 hours.

This able leader, eager to reach Asuncion as quickly as possible, sent on his ships to the river Plate, but himself with a small following marched overland from Santa Catherina on the coast of Brazil to join Irala.

From the Asuncion plateau southwards, near the confluence of the Paraguay and Parana, there is a vast stretch of marshy country, draining partly into the Ypoa lagoon, amd smaller tracts of the same character are found in other parts of the lowlands, especially in the valley of the Paraguay.