Sentence Examples with the word Astruc

JEAN ASTRUC (1684-1766), French physician and Biblical critic, was born on the 19th of March 1684 at Sauve, in Languedoc.

In identifying the compiler with Moses, Astruc failed to profit from some of his predecessors: and the fact that he held to the traditional (Mosaic) origin of the Pentateuch may have prevented him from seeing the similar facts which would have led him to continue his analysis into the remaining books of the Pentateuch.

Moon, lune), and he further took the name Astruc, Don Astruc or En Astruc of Lunel.

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Ilgen, the discoverer (1798) that there were two distinct documents in Genesis using the divine name Elohim, and consequently that there were three main sources in the books, not two, as Astruc and Eichhorn had conjectured; and J.