Sentence Examples with the word Assessing

He crossed to the windows and opened them, assessing it to be only a few hours before dawn.

She was constantly assessing him and had been since she discovered him as a prisoner of the Black God.

The feel of several sets of eyes assessing her made her heart beat harder and her mouth dry.

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She dragged the unconscious commander to the floor and replaced him in the seat before the energy terminal, assessing the damage done.

He neared, assessing her with a level of interest that made her uncomfortable.

About 3,000,000 shekels) was raised by assessing every wealthy person at So shekels.

There was a moment of silence, and she could almost see Sondra assessing what to do.

Death and the Dark One stared at each other, assessing one another.

A'Ran gazed at her, assessing the battle before him.

He was assessing her again, amused by her anger.