Sentence Examples with the word Asses

All the existing members of the family, such as the domesticated horse (Equus caballus) and its wild or half-wild relatives, the asses and the zebras, are included in the typical genus.

In 1834, when the missions had already passed their best days, there were some 486,000 cattle, hoses, mules and asses on the ranges, and 325,000 small animals, principally sheep. Throughout the pre-American period stock-raising was the leading industry; it built up the prosperity of the missions, largely supported the government and almost exclusively sustained foreign commerce.

In diameter, cut in the rock, with a double winding inclined plane, so that asses could ascend and descend to carry the water from the bottom.

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In Kano itself is a great market for livestock: camels, horses, oxen, asses and goats being on sale.

Traffic is carried on principally by means of caravans of camels, horses, asses and oxen.

An urban council cFQ ' may also license proprietors, drivers and conductors of horses, ponies, mules or asses standing for hiring in the district in the same way as in the case of hackney carriages, and they may also license pleasure boats and vessels, and the boatmen or persons in charge thereof, and they may make by-laws for all these purposes.

The Turkomans possess a famous breed of horses and keep camels, sheep, cattle, asses and mules.

Wild yaks, wild asses (kulans), antelopes (orongo and others), marmots, hares and partridges exist locally in large numbers.

These asses have moderate ears, the tail rather long, and the back-stripe dark brown and running from head to tail.

Of imported animals, cattle, goats, asses and dogs thrive well, ponies and horses indifferently, and sheep badly, though some success has been achieved in breeding them.