Sentence Examples with the word Aspirate

When an audible emission of breath attends its production the aspirate bh is formed.

On the west of the Aegean a new symbol was invented for the aspirate value, and this spread over the mainland and was carried by emigrants to Rhodes, Sicily and Italy.

The reason of this is apparently that the negative pressure of the pleural, and partly of the peritoneal, cavity tends to aspirate a liquid relatively thicker, so to speak, than that effused where no such extraneous mechanism is at work (James).

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Quinctilius), indicate clearly certain peculiarities in Sabine phonology: namely, (I) the representation of the Indo-European palatal aspirate gh by f instead of Lat.

Her voice has an aspirate quality; there seems always to be too much breath for the amount of tone.

II is now nothing more than a graphic sign, except in Andalusia, where the aspirate sound represented by it comes very near j.

F is more rigorously represented by h than in normal Castilian, and this h here preserves the aspirate sound which it has lost elsewhere; habid, horma (forma), hoder, are pronounced with a very strong aspiration, almost identical with that of j.