Sentence Examples with the word Asiago

Conrad's plan was to attack through the Asiago and Arsiero uplands, in the direction of Vicenza and Bassano rather than towards Verona.

The troops between Asiago and the Val Canaglia had very few guns, and even when sufficient artillery reenforcements were available Cadorna preferred first to strengthen his wings for the counter-attack that he was already preparing.

To the west of the Val d'Assa that Cadorna had ordered the preparation of a third line of defence that ran from Cima Portule (7,570 ft.) east of the Val d'Assa and round the southern rim of the Asiago basin by Punta Corbin across the Astico to the mountains south of the Posina.

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In spite of the news from the Russian front the attack was continued, south of Asiago and south of the Posina, for 10 more days.

Pecori-Giraldi retired from Asiago and Gallio, and based his right on the fortified lines of the Meletta group. This formed a salient, for the line marked out for the IV.

Corps was reduced to include only the hill country between the Vallarsa and the eastern edge of the Asiago plateau.

On May 28 Asiago was evacuated, and farther north the 34th Div.

Army and sent to the south of the Asiago plateau, as already described, and orders were given to the XX.

The Alpine troops on the right of the Corps pushed forward quickly and occupied various important heights on the northern rim of the Asiago plateau.

Corps a few weeks before; he had come from the Asiago uplands and knew little or nothing of the II.