Sentence Examples with the word Asher

Throughout the Old Testament history, however, Galilee as a whole cannot be said to have a history; the unit of territorial subdivision was tribal rather than provincial, and though such important events as those associated with the names of Barak, Gideon, Gilboa, Armageddon, took place within its borders, yet these belong rather to the histories of Issachar, Zebulon, Asher or Naphtali, whose territories together almost correspond with Galilee, than to the province itself.

Sachs, Shir ha-shirim asher li-Shelomoh (Paris, 1868, incomplete); Brody, Die weltlichen Gedichte des...

Through his disciples Asher ben Yelliel and Mordecai ben Hillel, Meir exercised much influence on subsequent developments of Judaism.

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Of Fez) in the 11th century, often cited in the Jewish manner as Rif; and that by Asher ben Yehiel (d.

JACOB BEN ASHER (1280-1340), codifier of Jewish law, was born in Germany and died in Toledo.

In this work Jacob ben Asher codified Rabbinic law on ethics and ritual, and it remained a standard work of reference until it was edited with a commentary by Joseph Qaro, who afterwards simplified the code into the more popular Shulhan Aruch.

A son of Asher ben Yehiel, Jacob helped to re-introduce the older elaborate method of legal casuistry which had been overthrown by Maimonides.

One was published by Asher in 1840; another (with critical Hebrew text) by M.

This applies also to the suggestion that the name Asher has been derived from a famous Abd-ashirta of the same period (Barton, ib.

Dan, he declares, sooner than join in Jeroboam's scheme of an Israelite war against Judah, had migrated to Cush, and finally, with the help of Naphthali, Asher and Gad, had founded an independent Jewish kingdom in the Gold Land of Havila, beyond Abyssinia.