Sentence Examples with the word Ascertainment

Southern sky left blank of stellar emblazonments was necessarily centred on the pole; and since the pole shifts among the stars through the effects of precession by a known annual amount, the ascertainment of any former place for it virtually fixes the epoch.

The exhaustive ascertainment of stellar parallaxes, combined with the visible facts of stellar distribution, would enable us to build a perfect plan of the universe in three dimensions.

In the United Provinces and the Punjab the ascertainment of the actual rents paid is the Pro The other necessary preliminary to the land revenue demand.

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A similar ascertainment bias appears to be present in the exclusive focus on HIV.

The details vary in the different provinces; but, broadly speaking, a settlement may be described as the ascertainment of the agricultural capacity of the land.

The successive entries of the moon and planets into the nakshatras (the ascertainment of which was of great astrological importance) were fixed by means of their conjunctions with the yogataras.

The German explorers excavated the Stadium so far as was necessary for the ascertainment of all essential points.

Students of Scripture, in those times were simply anxious for the authority of the Scriptures, not for the ascertainment of their precise historical origin.

This is the case with the Homeric poems, the ascertainment of the original form of which is a task beyond the powers of criticism.

His ascertainment in 1838 (Astr.