Sentence Examples with the word Ascensión

Him, together with his invention of the planisphere, enabled him to solve a number of elementary problems; and he was thus led to bestow especial attention upon the position of the equinox, as being the common point of origin for measures both in right ascension and longitude.

Considering the position of the vernal equinox, and also of a star on the celestial sphere, it will be seen that the interval between the transits of these two points across the meridian may be used to measure the right ascension of a star, since the latter amounts to FIG.

This writing is fragmentary, and has been preserved merely as a constituent of the Ascension of Isaiah.

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The well-known legend of the correspondence of Abgar Ukkama, king of Edessa, with Christ and the mission of Addai to Edessa immediately after the Ascension was accepted as true by the historian Eusebius (f340) on the faith of a Syriac document preserved in the official archives of the city.

This angle is called the Longitude, Right Ascension or Azimuth of the body, in the various systems of co-ordinates.

It differed only from the three Russian instruments in having a mounting by the Cookes in which the declination circle reads from the eye-end.5 This instrument was afterwards most generously lent by Lord Lindsay to Gill for his expedition to Ascension in 1877.6 These four Repsold heliometers proved to be excellent instruments, 5 For a detailed description of this instrument see Dunecht Publications, vol.

The Ascension of Isaiah supply much information on this subject.

Just making the Parkside High baseball team had been a miraculous ascension from being the-you-take-him-we-don't-want-him-boy when the kids chose sides in sandlot games.

In the Anglican Church Ascension Day and its octave continue to be observed as a great festival, for which a special preface to the consecration prayer in the communion service is provided, as in the case of Christmas, Easter, Whitsunday, and Trinity Sunday.

According to Jastrow, this attempted ascension was an offence against the gods, and his fall was his punishment.