Sentence Examples with the word Ascended

His son Jagiello ultimately ascended the Polish throne, and was the founder of the dynasty which ruled Poland for nearly 200 years.

TIGLATH-PILESER the son of Assur-ris-isi, ascended the throne c. 1120 B.C., and was one of the greatest of Assyrian conquerors.

Xander knew the compound and ascended a narrow stairwell to the second floor.

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The idea, however, did not spread until, in 1261, Jacob Pantaleon, archdeacon of Liege, ascended the papal throne as Urban IV.

Of Bavaria, who ascended the throne in 1825, and his successors; while its collections of art entitle it to rank with Dresden and Berlin.

The Protestant martyrs and Calais between them removed all the alternatives to an insular national English policy in church and in state; and no sovereign was better qualified to lead such a cause than the queen who ascended the throne amid universal, and the Spaniards thought indecent, rejoicings at Mary's death on the 17th of November 1558.

Pierre stepped out of his carriage and, passing the toiling militiamen, ascended the knoll from which, according to the doctor, the battlefield could be seen.

After the murder of Tiberius by Naevius Sertorius Macro, the prefect of the praetorian guards, which was probably due to his instigation, Caligula ascended the throne amidst the rejoicings of the people.

Nadar, who exhibited models driven by clock-work springs, which ascended with graduated weights a distance of from io to 12 ft.

As she ascended the porch steps, she noticed two books lying in the rocker.