Sentence Examples with the word Asa

K., at 16,000, Malvastrum phyllanthos, Asa Gray, at 16,500, Draba obovata, Benth., at 16,660, and Ranunculus praemorsus, Kth., at 16,500 - all on Chimborazo.

Labrusca, reappears in Japan), and others; an assemblage, as long ago pointed out by Asa Gray, which can only be paralleled in the Chino-japanese region, another centre of preservation of Miocene types.

North of Jerusalem, and Asa was compelled to use the residue of the temple-funds (cf.

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It was first observed in 1856 by Asa Fitch (1809-1878), who did not suspect its mischief, and called it Pemphigus vitifoliae.

Fendleri, a native of the mountains of New Mexico and Arizona, was considered by Asa Gray to be likewise a form of S.

William McKinley, Jr...1890-1892 1892-1896 Asa S.

Xii.); the illness of Asa is preceded by a denunciation for relying upon Syria, and the chronology is changed to bring the fault near the punishment (2 Chron.

Of those in the United States of America, the chief, formed by Asa Gray, is the property of Harvard university; there is also a large one at the New York Botanical Garden.

Galilee was invaded and Baasha was forced to return; the building material which he had collected at Ramah being used by Asa to fortify Geba, and Mizpah to the immediate north of Jerusalem.

This very large group of plants is characterized by the possession of a special type of conidiophore - the basidium, which gives its name to the group. The basidium is a unicellular or multicellular structure from which four basidiospores arise as outgrowths; it starts asa binucleate structure, but soon, like the ascus, becomes uninucleate by the fusion of the two nuclei.