Sentence Examples with the word Aryan

They are probably the descendants of the earliest Aryan immigrants, who were represented in historical times by the kindred Illyrians, Macedonians and Epirots; the Macedonians and Epirots are believed by Hahn to have formed the core of the pre-Hellenic Tyrrheno-Pelasgian population which inhabited the southern portion of the peninsula and extended its limits to Thrace and Italy.

If the Hittites were Aryans, one can hardly suppose a primeval Aryan element in Anatolia.

Previous to this the Aryan settlements, along the three routes they followed in their penetration into India, had remained isolated, independent and small communities.

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Some few of these have names; and among those names of the old Aryan divinities emerge here and there, e.g.

The Burmese alphabet is borrowed from the Aryan Sanskrit through the Pali of Upper India.

Thus the old figures of the Aryan folk-religion return to the foreground, there to be amalgamated with the Babylonian divinities.

Iv.) has shown, to the group of tales classified as the Aryan Expulsion and Return formula, found in all Aryan lands.

And it is from this presence of the highest forms of Aryan and of Semitic man that the history of Sicily draws its highest interest.

Munda Family (3,179,275) Indo-European Family, Aryan Sub-familyIranian Branch (1,377,023) Indo-Aryan Branch (219,780,650) Semitic Family (42,881)..

The attempt to disengage the history of times forgotten and unknown, by means of analysis of roots and words in Aryan languages, has been unsuccessful, or has at best produced disputable results.