Sentence Examples with the word Arundel

Through his influence Henry Howard, duke of Norfolk, was induced to present the Arundel marbles to the university of Oxford (1667) and the valuable Arundel library to Gresham College (1678).

On the impeachment of Strafford the lords themselves appointed Arundel to be high steward.

But Arundel could not prevent the writing and distribution, of Lollard books and pamphlets.

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Arundel House, originally a seat of the bishops of Bath, was the residence of Thomas Howard, earl of Arundel, whose famous collection of sculpture, the Arundel Marbles, was housed here until presented to Oxford University in 1667.

However, with Archbishop Arundel as his chancellor, Henry still controlled the government.

He was with the English force under the earl of Arundel which accompanied the duke of Burgundy to Paris in October 1411 and there defeated the Armagnacs, an exploit which revealed to England the weakness of the French.

The dukedom for which Arundel had petitioned Charles I.

Materials for porcelain, including flint, feldspar and kaolin, abound in the east portion of the Piedmont, the kaolin chiefly in Cecil county, and material for mineral paint in Anne Arundel and Prince George's counties, as well as farther north-west.

The fluctuating influence of each party with the king was marked by the passing of the chancellorship from Arundel to Henry Beaufort and back again during the five years of Henrys illness.

And now the younger line, earls of Arundel and Lords Mautravers, were also to have a Howard to represent them.