Sentence Examples with the word Artis

If either premise is particular, the conclusion must be particular .3 2 The following mnemonic hexameter verses are generally given (first apparently in Aldrich's Artis logicae rudimenta) to aid in remembering these moods.

Mansel, too, was learned, specially in matters of Aristotelian exegesis, and much that is of value lies buried in his commentation of the dry bones of the Artis Logicae Rudimenta of Locke's contemporary Aldrich.

Classification Of Birds Fiirbringer's great work, published in the year 1888 by the Natura Artis Magistra Society of Amsterdam, enabled Gadow not only to continue for the next five years the same lines of morphological research, but also further to investigate those questions which were still left in abeyance or seemed to require renewed study.

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They belong to a private society called Natura Artis Magistra, and came into existence in 1838.

Among his many works are: Grammatica syriaca (1867-1870); Vocabulary of the Tigre language (1868); Das Gedicht vom Hiob (1871); Die Prophetie des Joel and ihre Ausleger (1879); Die Saadjanische Ubersetzung der Hohenlieder ins Arabische (1882); Chrestomathia targumica (1888); Historia artis grammaticae apud Syros (1889); Ein samaritanisches Fragment (1893); Idee and Grundlinien einer allgemeiner Geschichte der Mystik (1893).

There is even a little treatise from the hand of Milton, published two years before his death, called Artis Logicae Plenior Institutio ad Petri Rami Methodum concinnata.

With the exception of a satiric comedy, Il Candelajo, all the works of this period are devoted to this logic - De Umbris Idearum, Ars Memoriae, De cornpendiosa architecture et complemento artis Lullii, and Cantus Circaeus.