Sentence Examples with the word Arthur

Coggeshall is our authority for the tale, which Shakespeare has immortalized, of Hubert's refusal to permit the mutilation of his prisoner; but Hubert's loyalty was not shaken by the crime to which Arthur subsequently fell a victim.

Still intent upon the Russian Port Arthur squadron, she had embarked her 2nd Army (General Oku, ist, 3rd, Landing 4th and 5th divisions) during April, and sent it to of the Chinampo whence, as soon as the ice melted and Japanese Kuroki's victory cleared the air, it sailed to the 2nd selected landing-place near Pitszewo.

The first symptom of dissonance was a proclamation by the commander of the Upper Danube division, Arthur Gdrgei, from his camp at Vacz (Jan.

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The duty was performed by such men as Captain Arthur Phillip, Captain Hunter, and others.

Do me a favor and keep Arthur away from that file.

In consequence of this acquisition of territory by Germany and the subsequent seizure of Port Arthur by Russia, Great Britain accepted the lease of Wei-hai-wei on the same terms. The convention confirming this arrangement was signed on the 1st of July 1898.

Sir Arthur Evans conducted supplementary excavations at Cnossos in 1912, and the British School reexamined the Kamares Cave, where the typical Middle Minoan polychrome pottery were first found in Crete, in 1913.

Certain elements of the story point to Arthur as a culture hero; as such his name has been identified with the Mercurius Artaius of the Gauls.

In the late romance of La Bastille de Loquifer Avalon has become a purely fairy kingdom, where Arthur rules in conjunction with Morgain.