Sentence Examples with the word Arteries

The aortic trunk is very short, sends off the coronary arteries and then the left aorta brachiocephalica, while the rest divides into the right brachiocephalic and the aorta descendens.

In the time of Alexander the Great Praxagoras discovered the distinction between the arteries and the veins.

Traces of former rivers and channels, which were the main arteries of prosperous regions within the period of written history, have now disappeared.

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High tension in the arteries is often associated with sleeplessness, the pressure of blood being such that the circulation in the brain is constantly maintained at a high rate of speed and the brain is unable to obtain rest.

But if such a remedy were given alone it might, and probably would, act on the arteries as well as the heart, and by causing the contraction of the vessels do more harm than good.

BASSEIN, the chief town and port, is the capital of the district and division, and is situated on the eastern bank of the Bassein river, one of the main arteries by which the waters of the Irrawaddy discharge themselves into the sea.

The main arteries of the city are the Zeil, a broad street running from the Friedberger Anlage to the Rossmarkt and thence continued, by the Kaiserstrasse, through the fine new quarter built after 1872, to the magnificent principal railway station; and the Steinweg and Goethestrasse, which lead by the Bockenheimer Tor to the Bockenheimer Landstrasse, a broad boulevard intersecting the fashionable residential suburb to the N.W.

The Rhine, so long the home of romance, has become one of the great arteries of traffic, and lines of railways on both sides have caused small villages to become large towns.

The figure B also shows the peculiar neural investiture formed by the cerebral arteries in Limulus and the derivation from this of the arteries to the limbs, III, IV, VI, whereas in Scorpio the latter have a separate origin from the anterior aorta.

The smaller canals all serve as arteries to the Grand Canal.