Sentence Examples with the word Arnie

I will not believe that even the madman Arnie could have done something like this.

I'll probably have to stay with Arnie if the general isn't around.

She dreaded entering, wanting a moment of peace before being confined within the spartanly furnished room with the manic Arnie Smith.

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A few days ago, the day Arnie had locked himself in the hub.

Lana shifted, and Arnie bolted towards the cliff.

After watching the madman named Arnie last night, he knew better than to assume anything about the deceptively quiet Peak.

Whatever the madman Arnie had in his hand had provoked her gentle spirit into action he would not otherwise think her capable of.

Her hand opened reflexively, and Arnie released her to claw at her wrist.

They're leaving a fool named Arnie in charge here.

General Greene was the first to recommend his removal, and a voice in her mind whispered that maybe Arnie had figured something out he shouldn't have, too.