Sentence Examples with the word Armstrong

Lowry and Armstrong represent these compounds by the following spatial formulae which postulate a y-oxidic structure, and 5 asymmetric carbon atoms, i.e.

The formulae of Kekule, Divers and Armstrong have been discarded, and it remains to be shown whether Nef's carbonyloxime formula (or the bimolecular formula of Steiner) or Scholl's glyoxime peroxide formula is correct.

The growth of the great shipbuilding and engineering companies; now amalgamated, of which the Armstrong firm at Elswick is the most famous, necessitated the dredging of the river so as to form a deep waterway.

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The first Hawaiian minister of public instruction was the Rev. William Richards (1792-1847), who held office from 1843 to 1847, and was followed by Richard Armstrong (1805-1860), an American Presbyterian missionary, the father of General S.

Mrs. Armstrong and the Thompsons were talking.

C. Armstrong was carrying on an educational experiment, and he developed the night school, which became one of the most important features of the institution.

Since then the hydraulic press has practically completely superseded all other appliances used for expression, and in consequence of this epoch-making invention, assisted as it was later on by the accumulator - invented by William George (later Lord) Armstrong in 1843 - the seed-crushing industry reached a perfection of mechanical detail which soon secured its supremacy for England.

Johnny Armstrong of Gilnockie, famed in ballad and legend, was hanged, with forty of his clan, at Carlanrigg, in Teviotdale.

A considerable part of the armament is old, but the more modern vessels are armed with Armstrong rifled guns.

Fischer has proposed formulae for the important disaccharoses, and in conjunction with Armstrong devised a method for determining how the molecule was built up, by forming the osone of the sugar and hydrolysing, whereupon the hexosone obtained indicates the aldose part of the molecule.