Sentence Examples with the word Armee

As the news of the destruction of the 'Grande Armee spread, and the appearance of countless stragglers convinced the Prussian people of the reality of the disaster, the spirit generated by years of French domination burst out.

He distinguished himself at Austerlitz, and, after serving for a short time in Italy, he rejoined the grande armee as a general of brigade, in time to take part in the campaign of Friedland.

Corps of the Grande Armee and commanded the centre at Lutzen and Bautzen, but he was soon sent, with unlimited powers, to the south of France to repair the damage done by the great defeat of Vittoria.

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The total personnel of the armee de mer in 1909 Is given as 56,800 officers and men.

On the 7th of October the Grande Armee lay in three parallel columns along the roads leading over the mountains to Hof, Schleiz and Kronach; on the right lay the IV.

Although the outbreak of war had been preceded by years of angry diplomatic dispute, the United States were absolutely unready, while Great Britain was still hard pressed by the hostility of Napoleon, and was compelled to retain the greater part of her forces and her best crews in European waters, till the ruin of the Grande Armee in Russia and the rising of Germany left her free to send an overwhelming force of ships to American waters.