Sentence Examples with the word Arithmetic Mean

Mention may also be made of his chapter on inequalities, in which he proves that the arithmetic mean is always greater than the geometric mean.

Gives comparative results for winter (October to March) and summer at a few stations, the value for the season being the arithmetic mean from the individual months composing it.

Thus to show that the arithmetic mean of n positive numbers is greater than their geometric mean (i.e.

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Than the nth root of their product) we show that if any two are unequal their product may be increased, without altering their sum, by making them equal, and that if all the numbers are equal their arithmetic mean is equal to their geometric mean.

These theorems, which hold for the motion of a single rigid body, are true generally for a flexible system, such as considered here for a liquid, with one or more rigid bodies swimming in it; and they express the statement that the work done by an impulse is the product of the impulse and the arithmetic mean of the initial and final velocity; so that the kinetic energy is the work done by the impulse in starting the motion from rest.