Sentence Examples with the word Aristo

The idea is drawn from Aristo of Chios, and the materials largely derived from Xenophon and Plato.

Those of Boethus of Sidon, Aristo of Alexandria, Staseas, Cratippus, and Nicolaus of Damascus.

While Christians of the type of Aristo of Pella and Hegesippus, on the snapping of the old ties, were gradually assimilated to the great church outside, the more conservative section became more and more isolated and exclusive.

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Comic poets, Old (7): Epicharmus, Cratinus, Eupolis, Aristo phanes, Pherecrates, Crates, Plato.

Hardly a single Stoic of eminence was a citizen of any city in the heart of Greece, unless we make Aristo of Chios, Cleanthes of Assus and Panaetius of Rhodes exceptions.

CRITOLAUS, Greek philosopher, was born at Phaselis in the 2nd century B.C. He lived to the age of eighty-two and died probably before 111 B.C. He studied philosophy under Aristo of Ceos and became one of the leaders of the Peripatetic school by his eminence as an orator, a scholar and a moralist.

At the same time the antiquarian study of Stoic writings went on apace, especially those of the earliest teachers - Zeno and Aristo and Cleanthes.

From anecdotes recorded of the tricks played upon Aristo and Sphaerus (Diog.

Moreover, the commentaries of Cleanthes, Aristo and Sphaerus on Heraclitean writings (Diog.

The successors of Strato in the headship of the Lyceum were Lyco, Aristo of Ceos, Critolaus, Diodorus of Tyre, and Erymneus, who brings the philosophic succession down to about z oo B.C. Other Peripatetics belonging to this period are Hieronymus of Rhodes, Prytanis and Phormio of Ephesus, the delirus senex who attempted to instruct Hannibal in the art of war (Cic. De orat.