Sentence Examples with the word Arenas

Once more Wellington turned his right, by a sweeping movement through Rocamunde and Puente Arenas near the source of the Ebro, when he retreated behind the Zadorra near the town of Vitoria.

Between the mouth of the Rio Tinto and that of the Guadalquivir the shore is lined by a series of sand-dunes, known as the Arenas Gordas.

Wide between Capes Hicacos in Cuba and Arenas in Florida (Key West being a little over i oo m.

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The least productive tracts, apart from Aragori and Estremadura, are situated in the south and east of New Castile, in Murcia, and in Lower Andalusiathe marshes or marismas of the lower Guadaiquivir and the arenas gordas between that river and the Rio Tinto.

Since the census of 1895 the population of Punta Arenas has been largely increased by the discovery of gold in the vicinity.

Coal is found also in Valdivia, on the island of Chiloe, and in the vicinity of Punta Arenas on the Straits of Magellan.