Sentence Examples with the word Architecture

The most remarkable building, considered the grandest masterpiece of architecture in Hungary, is the Gothic cathedral of St Elizabeth.

The ascription to Wykeham of the invention of the Perpendicular style of medieval architecture is now an abandoned theory.

But it took firm root on Norman soil; it made its way to England at an early stage of its growth, and from that time it went on developing and improving on both sides of the Channel till the artistic revolution came by which, throughout northern Europe, the Romanesque styles gave way to the Gothic. Thus the history of architecture in England during the 11th and 12th centuries is a very different story from the history of the art in Sicily during the same time.

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What is called Jacobean architecture marks indeed an Arts, interesting stage in the transition from the Gothic style.

The minster, dedicated to St Mary the Virgin, illustrates every style of architecture from Norman to Perpendicular.

He wrote An Inquiry into the Principles of Beauty in Grecian Architecture (London, 1822), and the Correspondence of the Earl of Aberdeen has been printed privately under the direction of his son, Lord Stanmore.

Her priestesses were Italian Greeks and her temple was Greek in its architecture and built by Greek artists.

Facing the plaza mayor, now called the Plaza de los Martires because of the execution there of the patriot Matamoros in 1814, is the cathedral, one of the finest specimens of the old Spanish renaissance church architecture in Mexico.

The term is sometimes given incorrectly in architecture to a circular disk carved with a conventional rose, which is found in many early styles, the proper term being rosette.

The old town has a threefold interest: first as a very ancient seat of Jain worship; secondly for its example of palace architecture of the best Hindu period (1486-1516); and thirdly as an historic fortress.