Sentence Examples with the word Arcesilaus

The positive side of his teaching resembles in all essentials that of Arcesilaus (q.v.).

Cicero pondered over the fact; Arcesilaus explained the secession to the Epicurean camp, compared with the fact that no Epicurean was ever known to have abandoned his school, by saying that, though it was possible for a man to be turned into a eunuch, no eunuch could ever become a man.

Barca is said to have owed its origin to Greek refugees flying from the tyranny of Arcesilaus II.

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A Persian force invited by the notorious Pheretima, mother of Arcesilaus III., in revenge for Barcan support of a rival faction, sacked it towards the close of the 6th century and deported a number of its inhabitants to Bactria.