Sentence Examples with the word Arcaded

Ornament of the city was the arcaded and roofed bazaar called Chihar Chata, ascribed to Ali Mardan Khan, a noble of the 17th century, who has left behind him many monuments of his munificent public spirit both in Kabul and in Hindustan.

However the influence of the Early Renaissance had meanwhile become supreme throughout Italy, and the rest of the church with its external arcaded galleries and lofty pinnacles (including the fine dome) and the cloisters were executed in the new style under Guiniforte Solari (1453-1481) with details in terra-cotta of great beauty and richness.

The tower itself is arcaded in the two lower storeys, having round arches in the lower and triangular in the upper, and there is a round-headed S.

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The streets in the modern town are regularly laid out; several are arcaded on both sides.

It is a threestoreyed building with arcaded verandas and a fine staircase leading to a loggia on the first floor.

Above the shaft comes the arcaded bell-chamber, frequently built of Istrian stone; and above that again the attic, either round or square or octagonal, carrying either a cone or a pyramid or a cupola, sometimes surmounted by a cross or a gilded angel which serves as a weathercock.

Maria della Piazza, with an elaborate arcaded facade (1210).

The city is picturesque, with arcaded streets, and many bridges crossing the various branches of the Bacchiglione, which once surrounded the ancient walls.

About 1309 the arcaded facade along the lagoon front was taken in hand, and set the design for the whole of the external frontage of the palace.

The decoration of the exterior was never completed; but the arcaded courtyard is the finest of the Renaissance, except perhaps that of the Cancelleria at Rome (Burckhardt).