Sentence Examples with the word Arad

Kossuth and his associates, who had quitted Arad on the 10th of August, took refuge in Turkish territory.

The Orthodox Eastern Church in Hungary is subject to the authority of the metropolitan of Carlowitz and the archbishop of Nagyszeben (Hermannstadt); under the former are the bishops of Bacs, Buda, Temesvar, Versecz and Pakracz, and under the latter the bishops of Arad and Karansebes.

The works erected by the Turks for the capture of the fortress of Arad formed the nucleus of the new town.

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He accordingly surrendered to the Russian general Demitrius Buturlin (1790-1849), by whom he was handed over to the Austrians, who shot him in the market-place of Arad a few days later.

New Arad (pop. 6124), situated on the opposite bank of the Maros, is practically a suburb of Arad, with which it is connected by a bridge.

Long) Nebbi, Saleh, Sayeh, Khasifeh and Arad (4 m.

Long) complete the group. Of these minor islands Arad alone retains its classical name.

In the single internment camp of Arad there were 3,400 deaths among the victims from Bosnia alone; and Father Nikolic, a Catholic priest from Istria, testified to having himself buried over 2,000 Istrian victims, and Doctor Martinovic to a knowledge of 8,000 fatal cases in the Styrian camps.