Sentence Examples with the word Aptera

Many Aptera are covered with flattened scales like those of moths.

Apec vr7, a spider) to a class which he instituted for the reception of the spiders, scorpions and mites, previously classified by Linnaeus in the order Aptera of his great group Insecta.

Wheeler (1893) and others in various insect embryos, while in the lowest insect order - the Aptera - a pair of minute jaws - the maxillulae - in close association with the tongue are present, as has been shown by H.

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The Aptera have perhaps the most extensive distribution of all animals, being found in Franz Josef Land and South Victoria Land, on the snows of Alpine glaciers, and in the depths of the most extensive caves.

Not till the Tertiary do we find remains of Aptera in any quantity, species both of living and extinct genera being represented in the amber.

In addition to the complete absence of wings and of metamorphosis, the Aptera are characterized by peculiar elongate mandibles (figs.

It does not appear to represent a pair of appendages, but the maxillulae of the Aptera become closely associated with it.

The order Aptera also contains a few injurious species.

Lamarck at the same time founded the class Crustacea for the lobsters, crabs and water-fleas, also until then included in the order Aptera of Linnaeus.