Sentence Examples with the word Approximating

When the subject was taken up by the continental mathematicians, using the analytical method, the question naturally arose whether the motions of three bodies under their mutual attraction could not be determined with a degree of rigour approximating to that with which Newton had solved the problem of two bodies.

Like most conquering races the Fula are, however, not of uniform physique, in many districts approximating to the local type.

In recent years it has been found in considerable quantities in New Caledonia in the form of a hydrated silicate of nickel and magnesia approximating to the constitution (NiO, MgO) SiO 2 .

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It is consequently a widespread city, the length from east to west approximating ten miles.

This high-lying tract was crossed by the Roman Watling Street from Kent, on a line approximating to that of the modern Shooter's Hill; and was a rallying ground of Wat Tyler (1381), of Jack Cade (14501, and of Audley, leader of the Cornish rebels, defeated and captured here by the troops of Henry VII.

Suidas, in speaking of Isidore of Alexandria, says that Hypatia was his wife, but there is no means of approximating the dates (see 11YPATIA).

The metal was prepared (in a state approximating to purity) by A.

Although showing some dental characters approximating to the porcupines, these rodents are regarded as allied to the Castoridae, although forming an isolated type.

Shafts in South Africa, the United States and elsewhere, are already approximating depths of 5000 ft., a few being even deeper.

Each pair has a single insertion on the inner wall - the one pair near the free extremity of the limb, the other near its attachment; the bands run up, one of each pair on each side, and run right round the body forming an incomplete muscular girdle, the ends approximating in the median line.