Sentence Examples with the word Approximated

This supposition is a somewhat ideal one, and is often only roughly approximated to in practice.

With the scars on each rib rather widely spaced, and Favularia, where they are approximated and separated by transverse furrows, each rib thus consisting of a series of contiguous leaf-bases.

He was undoubtedly a clear-sighted and able mathematician, who handled admirably the severe geometrical method, and who in his Method of Tangents approximated to the course of reasoning by which Newton was afterwards led to the doctrine of ultimate ratios; but his substantial contributions to the science are of no great importance, and his lectures upon elementary principles do not throw much light on the difficulties surrounding the border-land between mathematics and philosophy.

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But as 0111vier approximated to the government standpoint, Picard, one of the members of the group known as Les Cinq, veered more to the left.

When the pinnate leaf of a Mimosa pudica, the so-called sensitive plant, is pinched or struck, the leaf droops rapidly and the leaflets become approximated together, so that their upper surfaces are in contact.

He differed from Zeno on many points, and approximated more closely to the Cynic school.

Other metals were tested in order to determine if their atomic heats approximated to this value at low temperatures, but with negative results.

For the Tasmanians in many ways closely approximated to the Papuan type.

In the higher groups the two halves of the chain are more or less closely approximated and coalesced, and, in addition, a concentration of the ganglia in a longitudinal direction takes place, leading ultimately, in many cases, to the formation of an unsegmented ganglionic mass representing the whole of the ventral chain.

In the Phalangiotarbi the appendages resembled those of the Anthracomarti, except that the basal segments of the last four pairs were usually approximated in the middle line leaving a long and narrow sternal area between; and the carapace of the prosoma was unsegmented.