Sentence Examples with the word Appraised

From the historical standpoint its value must be appraised by the estimate which is formed of the writer's general trustworthiness as a narrator, and by the extent to which the incidents receive confirmation from other quarters.

It dawned on him that she must have been watching while he appraised the redhead.

His merits in this respect, however, can only be appraised by the study of his works at first hand.

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Thus the prominent school of criticism which appraised Wagner in the 10th century by his approximation to Darwin and Herbert Spencer, appraises him in the aoth by his approximation to Bernard Shaw; with the absurd result that Gatterdammerung is ruled out as a reactionary failure.

Miriam appraised him for a moment.

Elisabeth appraised Jackson then Sarah.

The Siberian harbour is conspicuous during the fair on account of its accumulations of tea boxes and temporary shelters, in which the different kinds of tea are tried and appraised by tasters.