Sentence Examples with the word Appertaining

So the theory of the forms appertaining to a binary form of unrestricted order was first worked out by Cayley and P. A.

Presided over by a secretary of state, its functions are principally those appertaining to the control of the national debt and its administration, together with such as in the United Kingdom are delegated to the board of inland revenue.

The Year 5606 Was The First Of A Cycle, And The Mean New Moon, Appertaining To The 1St Of Tisri For That Year, Was 1845, October I, 15 Hours 42 Min.

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Associated Forms.-A system of forms, such that every form appertaining to the binary form is expressible as a rational and integral function of the members of the system, is difficult to obtain.

The analogous formula appertaining to n systems of quantities which Vienna Transactions, t.

In early times, however, it seems to have meant (r) household, (2) normal amount of land appertaining to a household.

It is always an invariant or covariant appertaining to a number of different linear forms, and as before it may vanish if two such linear forms be identical.

Overhead railways are virtually continuous bridge constructions, and much attention has been given to a study of the special conditions appertaining to that case.

Cattle and sheep were pastured on the common lands appertaining to the village, while pigs, which (especially in Kent) seem to have been very numerous, were kept in the woods.

These internecine disturbances had been unfavourable to any new departure in art, except in matters appertaining to arms and armour, and the strife between two puppet emperors for a shadow of authority in the 14th century brought another distracting element.