Sentence Examples with the word Appended

We have two genuine Theocritean fragments, 11.7-13 and 15-20, describing the joys of summer and winter respectively, which have been provided with a clumsy preface, 11.1-6, while an early editor of a bucolic collection has appended an epilogue in which he takes leave of the Bucolic Muses.

A short introductory sketch of the requisites of such a natural history, which, according to Bacon, is essential, necessary, the basis totius negotii, is given in the tract Parasceve, appended to the Novum Organum.

The appended table shows the progress made since 1850 with regard to steam power.

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Those on Aesthetics, on the Philosophy of Religion, on the Philosophy of History and on the History of Philosophy, have been published by his editors, mainly from the notes of his students, under their separate heads; while those on logic, psychology and the philosophy of nature are appended in the form of illustrative and explanatory notes to the sections of his Encykloptidie.

The brief comments in brackets, appended above to the arguments, merely indicate what has been said or can be said on the other side.

It is written in the classical style of the Elizabethan age, and was appended by Dr Birch to his Historical View of the Negotiations between the Courts of England, France and Brussels, from 1592 to 1617.

Some arrivals have been diverted to Manchester since the opening of the Manchester ship s canal; shipments through the canal from the 1st of entry, September to the 30th of August in each year for the decade 1894-1895 to 1904-1905 are appended - six to eight times as much is still unloaded at Liverpool.

A form of sea-letter (literae salvi conductus) is appended to the Treaty of the Pyrenees, 1659.

A few poems by Emmet of little merit are appended to Madden's biography.

To the patriarchate was appended a Sacred College of 24 prelates, who were privileged to officiate in the scarlet robes of cardinals, while the patriarch wore the vestments of a second pope.