Sentence Examples with the word Appearance

He wore a sharp shirt of hair next his skin, scourged himself every Friday and other fasting days, lay upon the bare ground with a log under his head, and allowed himself but four or five hours' sleep. This access of the ascetic malady lasted but a short time, and More recovered to all outward appearance his balance of mind.

With the loss of Shiloh is explained the appearance of the priests at Nob outside Jerusalem (xxi.

In several passages of his writings he expressly dates his philosophical awakening from the appearance of the Treatise of Human Nature.

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Masonry bridges are preferable in appearance to any others, and metal arch bridges are less objectionable than most forms of girder.

Ethnologically the Galicians (Gallegos) are allied to the Portuguese, whom they resemble in dialect, in appearance and in habits more than the other inhabitants of the peninsula.

Jael, the slayer of Sisera (see Deborah), was the wife of Heber the Kenite, who lived near Kadesh in Naphtali; and the appearance of the clan in this locality may be explained from the nomadic habits of the tribe, or else as a result of the northward movement in which at least one other clan or tribe took part (see DAN).

The tarai, or the forest and marshy tracts along the southern slopes of the Himalayas, gradually merge within the district into drier land, the beds of the streams become deeper and more marked, the marshes disappear, and the country assumes the ordinary appearance of the plain of the Ganges.

The railway map of the state thus has roughly the appearance of a gridiron.

Another type of mirage, frequently observed at sea in the northern latitudes, is presented in the appearance of ships and icebergs as if inverted and suspended in the clouds.

It is, covered with gravel, and presents the appearance of a dry prairie devoid of forests.