Sentence Examples with the word Apologie

These were collected under the title Apologie des Christentums (vol.

A year later he published his Apologie pour la morale des Reformes.

But he is best known by his Apologie oder Schutzschrift fiir die verniinftigen Verehrer Gottes (carefully kept back during his lifetime), from which, after his death, Lessing published certain chapters under the title of the Wolfenbiittel Fragments (see Lessing).

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Wehofer, Die Apologie Justins des Philosophen and Mdrtyrers in litterarhistorischer Beziehung zum ersten Male untersucht (1897); Alfred Leonhard Feder, Justins des Mdrtyrers Lehre von Jesus Christus (1906).

Reimarus (1694-1768), professor of oriental languages in Hamburg, who commanded general respect as a scholar and thinker, wrote a book entitled Apologie oder Schutzschrift fiir die verniinftigen Verehrer Gottes.

Ceillier's other work, Apologie de la morale des peres de l'eglise (Paris, 1718), also won some celebrity.

The standpoint of the Apologie is that of pure naturalistic deism.

He defended himself in an Apologie au roi (1625), and was liberated in September, his sentence being commuted to banishment for life.

Here he wrote his Neue Apologie des Socrates (1772), a work occasioned by an attack on the fifteenth chapter of Marmontel's Belisarius made by Peter Hofstede, a clergyman of Rotterdam, who maintained the patristic view that the virtues of the noblest pagans were only splendida peccata.

The Apologie ou defence du tres illustre Prince Guillaume contre le ban et l'edit du roi d'Espagne (Leiden, 1581) is sometimes attributed to Languet.