Sentence Examples with the word Apollinaris

In the second half of the 5th century the foremost representative of Latin studies in Gaul was Apollinaris Sidonius (fl.

For Gaul about the year 50o we have the testimony of Sidonius Apollinaris (iv.

But even here it was impossible that an open rupture Miltiades, 7rEpi 7rpoifr, r At the same time as Miltiades, if not earlier, Apollinaris of Hierapolis also wrote against the Montanists.

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Although Apollinaris was a prolific writer, scarcely anything has survived under his own name.

In the immediate vicinity lies the Apollinaris spring.

Gregory of Tours gives a list of 206 miracles wrought by him after his death; Sidonius Apollinaris composed a metrical biography of him.

The undoubted reference to Juvenal in Sidonius Apollinaris as the victim of the rage of an actor only proves that the original story from which all the varying versions of the lives are derived was generally believed before the middle of the 5th century of our era.

He collaborated with his father Apollinaris the Elder in reproducing the Old Testament in the form of Homeric and Pindaric poetry, and the New after the fashion of Platonic dialogues, when the emperor Julian had forbidden Christians to teach the classics.

The earliest evidence for the banishment of Juvenal is that of Sidonius Apollinaris (c. 480), Carm.

Are Jordanes, Prosper's Chronicles, written in the 6th century, and the poet Apollinaris Sidonius.