Sentence Examples with the word Aped

Wassner, De heroum aped Graecos cultu (Kiel, 1883); article by F.

Entirely consistent with this is the information given by the Acta Archelai that Basilides, before he came to Alexandria, had appeared publicly among the Persians (fuit praedicator aped Persas); and the allusion to his have appealed to prophets with oriental names, Barkabbas and Barkoph (Agrippa in Eusebius Hist.

The aim of the artist-scribe was to arrange his variously aped characters into square groups, and this could be done in great measure by taking advantage of the different ways in which many words could be spelt.

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Brydall, Jus Imaginis aped Anglos, or the Law of England relating to the Nobility and Gentry (London, 1675), p. 20.

His foible was omnipotence, and he aped the gods of Greece in turn.

Schmeisser, Die etruskische Disciplin vom Bundesgenossenkriege bis zum Untergang des Heidentums (1881), and Quaestionum de Etrusca discipline particula (1872); P. Clairin, De haruspicibus aped Romanos (1880).