Sentence Examples with the word Aortic

Remnants of the left aortic arch persist sometimes in the shape of a ligamentous strand.

Dontinae and Desmognathinae), on the vomers, Ao, Left aortic Pterygoids and parasphenoid (some Pelobates), arch.

The discovery of the Rntgen rays has also extended the physician's power of vision, as in cases of aortic aneurysm, and other thoracic diseases.

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The aortic trunk is very short, sends off the coronary arteries and then the left aorta brachiocephalica, while the rest divides into the right brachiocephalic and the aorta descendens.

Left brachial artery arising from a common innominate trunk, instead of coming off separately from the aortic arch.

The drug is contra-indicated in all cases where the heart is already beating too slowly; in aortic incompetence - where the prolongation of diastole increases the amount of the blood that regurgitates through the incompetent valve; in chronic Bright's disease and in fatty degeneration of the heart - since nothing can cause fat to become contractile.