Sentence Examples with the word Antonius

The Capuchin Antonius Maria Schyrlaus (Schyrl) de Rheita (1597-1660) described in 1645 the construction of double terrestrial telescopes.

Lepidus was an object of contempt to all parties, and Octavianus and Antonius remained to fight for supreme power.

Next day Cicero awoke the terror of the people by a second oration delivered in the forum, in consequence of which Catiline and Manlius were declared public enemies, and the consul Antonius was despatched with an army against them.

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He was bitterly attacked by Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony) in the senate on the ist of September for not being present there, and on the next day replied in his First Philippic. He then left Rome and devoted himself to the completion of the de Qfficiis, and to the composition of his famous Second Philippic, which was never delivered, but was circulated, at first privately, after Antony's departure from Rome to Cisalpine Gaul on the 28th of November.

Gaius Antonius, second son of Marcus Antonius Creticus, and brother of the triumvir.

The senate, when it armed the consuls against Antonius, called upon him for assistance; and he took part in the campaign in which Antonius was defeated at Mutina (43 B.C.).

Asiaticus, made peace on advantageous terms with Pompey in 64 B.C. Subsequently he fought on Pompey's side in the Civil War, and later still repelled an attack on Samosata by Marcus Antonius (Mark Antony.) He died before 31 B.C. and was succeeded by one Mithradates I.

Octavianus and Antonius crossed the Adriatic in 42 B.C. to reduce the last defenders of the republic. Brutus and Cassius were defeated, and fell at the battle of Philippi.

In spite of Cicero's eloquence, Antonius was condemned, and went into exile at Cephallenia.

Under Antonius Felix (52-60) the revolutionary movement grew and spread.