Sentence Examples with the word Antoine

His grandfather, Antoine Louis Marie, duc de Gramont (1755-1836), had emigrated during the Revolution, and his father, Antoine Heraclius Genevieve Agenor (1789-1855), duc de Gramont and de Guiche, fought under the British flag in the Peninsular War, became a lieutenantgeneral in the French army in 1823, and in 1830 accompanied Charles X.

In 1861 Antoine de Tounens (1820-1878), a French adventurer in Chile, proclaimed himself king of Araucania under the title of Orelie Antoine I., and tried to obtain subscriptions from France to support his enterprise.

FRANCOIS ANTOINE DE BOISSY D'ANGLAS (1756-1828), French statesman, received a careful education and busied himself at first with literature.

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Some doctrinal differences having arisen in the church at Poitiers, Antoine de Chandieu, First minister at Paris, went to compose them, and, as the General .

Had a sincere love of letters, himself practised poetry, was the patron of Ronsard and the poets of the Pleiad, and granted privileges to the first academy founded by Antoine de Bail (afterwards the Academie du Palais).

ALEXANDRE ANTOINE HUREAU DE SENARMONT (1769-1810), French artillery general, was born at Strassburg, and educated at the Metz school for engineer and artillery cadets.

His first publication, in which he was assisted by Jacques Loppin and Antoine Pouget, was the first volume of a nevercompleted series of previously unpublished Analecta graeca (1688).

He was the father of the more generally known Antoine Court de Gebelin.

For details of his life see Napoleon Peyrat's Histoire des pasteurs du desert (1842; English translation, 1852); Edmond Hugues, Antoine Court, histoire de la restauration du protestantisme en France au X VIII e siecle (2nd ed., 1872), Les Synodes du desert (3 vols., 1885-1886), Memoires d'Antoine Court (1885); E.

Nisard; his letters to the comte de Caylus were published by Antoine Serieys as Voyage en Italie (1801); and his letters to Mme du Deffand, with whom he was on intimate terms, in the Correspondance complete de Mme du Deffand avec la duchesse de Choiseul, l'abbe Barthelemy et M.