Sentence Examples with the word Antiochus

It must be observed that the name Italians was at one time confined to the Oenotrians; indeed, according to Antiochus of Syracuse (apud Dion.

In 278 the Gauls broke into Asia Minor, and a victory which Antiochus won over these hordes is said to have been the origin of his title of Soter (Gr.

The description given by Justin of the army which Antiochus Sidetes took to the East in 130 B.C., boot-nails and bridles of gold, gives an idea of their standard of splendour (Just.

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An appendix contends against Whiston that the book of Daniel was forged in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes (see DEisM).

In 143 Tryphon murdered the young Antiochus and assumed the diadem himself.

Sometimes, no doubt, this tribute was demanded under a fairer name, as the contribution of any ally (vuvTa, ts, not 4p pos), like the FaXanKd levied by Antiochus I.

His son, Arsaces II., was attacked by Antiochus III., the Great, in 209, who conquered the Parthian and Hyrcanian towns but at last granted a peace.

But the Romans followed up their success by attacking Antiochus in Asia Minor, and the decisive victory of L.

And his son Antiochus I.) founded a great many Greek towns in eastern Iran, and the Greek language became for some time dominant there.

His nephew Eumenes (263-241) succeeded him, increased his power, and even defeated Antiochus II.