Sentence Examples with the word Antietam

At last Burnside moved forward, and, after a brilliant defence by the handful of men left to oppose him, forced the Antietam and began to roll up Lee's right, only to be attacked in rear himself by A.

The tide of war, however, once more turned in the defeat of Lee's invading army at South Mountain and Antietam in Maryland on the r4th and on the 6th and 17th of September, compelling him to retreat.

ANTIETAM, the name of a Maryland creek, near which, on the 16th-17th of September 1862, was fought the battle of Antietam or Sharpsburg (see American Civil War), between the Federals under McClellan and the Confederates commanded by Lee.

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Its inaction on the first day of the disastrous second battle of Bull Run led to the general's subsequent disgrace; but it made a splendid fight on the second day to save the army from complete rout, and subsequently shared in the Antietam campaign.

Through the eastern portion Antietam Creek to the east and Conococheague Creek to the west flow rapidly in meandering trenches that in places exceed 75 ft.

The Confederate failures of Corinth, Perryville and Antietam were followed by a general advance by the Federals.

At the Antietam his corps bore the brunt of the battle, which was one of the most stubborn of modern warfare.

On the i 6th McClellan found Lee in position behind the Antietam Creek, and on the 17th was fought the sanguinary and obstinately contested battle of Antietam (q.v.) or Sharpsburg.