Sentence Examples with the word Antichrist

He himself turned for consolation to the Apocalypse, and succeeded in persuading himself (Accomplissement des prophesies, 1686) that the overthrow of Antichrist (i.e.

But Antichrist here appears as a tempter, who works by signs and wonders (ii.

Finally, it must be mentioned that Antichrist receives, at least in the later sources, the name originally proper to the devil himself.3 From the Jews, Christianity took over the idea.

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For Wycliffe and his adherent John Purvey (probably the author of the Commentarius in Apocalypsin ante centum annos editus, edited in 1528 by Luther), as on the other hand for Hus, the conviction that the papacy is essentially Antichrist is absolute.

Jewish apocalypse also awakes to fresh developments in the Mahommedan period, and shows a close relationship with the Christian Antichrist literature.

Throughout these later commentaries a strong antipapal interest which identified the pope with the Antichrist holds a central place - a doctrine which, as we have seen, goes back historically to the immediate disciples of Joachim and like-minded Franciscans.

Of the dogmatic works, that on Christ and Antichrist survives in a complete state.

Bousset has shown with much probability that it is part of the Antichrist legend.

His Dialogues philosophiques, written in 1871, his Ecclesiastes (1882) and his Antichrist (1876) (the fourth volume of the Origins of Christianity, dealing with the reign of Nero) are incomparable in their literary genius, but they are examples of a disenchanted and sceptical temper.

We find at least two stages of the Neronic and Antichrist myth in the Apocalypse.