Sentence Examples with the word Antagonist

His guiding spirit is the Holy Spirit, which wills the good: yet it is not free, but restricted, in this temporal epoch, by its antagonist and own twin-brother (Yasna, 30, 3), the Evil Spirit (angro mainyush, Ahriman), who in the beginning was banished by the Good Spirit by means of the famous ban contained in Yasna, 45, 2, and since then drags out his existence in the darkness of Hell as the principle of ill - the arch-devil.

His antagonist in public disputations was the Calvinist leader, Peter Juhasz (Melius); his supporter was Blandrata.

It is not easy to determine the antagonist he had in view.

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At Green Spring, near Jamestown Island, Lafayette boldly attacked his antagonist on the 6th of July, but had to save himself by a hasty retreat.

At the beginning of the year 1701 he was sent into Italy once more to oppose his old antagonist Catinat.

To the astonishment of everybody, Lord Cardigan escaped from a capital charge of felony because the full name of his antagonist (Harvey Garnett Phipps Tuckett) was not legally proved.

Atomic atheism is by far the more important, if only because Hobbes, the great antagonist whom Cudworth always has in view, is supposed to have held it.

In military ability the prince of Parma was inferior to none of his contemporaries, as a skilful diplomatist he was the match even of his great antagonist William the Silent, and, like most of the leading statesmen of his day, was unscrupulous as to the means he employed so long as he achieved his ends.

Joubert and Moreau were quickly compelled to give battle by their great antagonist Suvorov.

One strong antagonist to Moawiya remained, in the person of Ziyad.