Sentence Examples with the word Answered

Two sermons, preached in the college chapel in 17 9 8 and 1799, form the basis of his Discourses on the Scriptural Doctrines of Atonement and Sacrifice (1801); a polemic against Unitarian theology which was answered by Lant Carpenter.

Helene answered with a smile that she too had missed it.

After that he asked me if the strings were all right and changed them at once when I answered in the negative.

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But after a minute I answered that beauty was a form of goodness--and he went away.

But, what is of far greater importance, there never arose at Athens any body of men which at all answered to the nobilitas of Rome.

Fred looked up from his notes and answered Dean's unasked question.

The countess tried to make him talk, but he went on naively looking around through his spectacles as if in search of somebody and answered all her questions in monosyllables.

It's high time for you to be married, answered the countess sharply and sarcastically.

When old-fashioned theologians talked about the canons and councils of antiquity, Laynez answered that the Church was not more infallible at one time than another; the Holy Ghost spoke through the decrees of Trent quite as plainly and directly as through the primitive Fathers.

Kiri, answered the tortured voice of the man in her head.