Sentence Examples with the word Anselm

An important contribution to doctrine is contained in the Cur Deus Homo of Anselm of Canterbury.

In 1106 Anselm crossed to England, with power from the pope to remove the sentence of excommunication from the illegally invested churchmen.

In Italy, where the study of Latin literature seems never to have entirely died out, young nobles and students preparing for the priesthood were not infrequently learning Latin together, in private grammar schools under liberal clerics, such as Anselm of Bisate (fl.

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With a view to facilitating the crusade, a council was held at Bari in October 1098, at which religious differences were debated and the exiled Anselm of Canterbury combated the Eastern view of the Procession of the Holy Ghost.

The middle ages, in the person of Anselm of Canterbury, contribute the first clear form of the Ontological argument for theism.

From his success in dialectic, he next turned to theology and attended the lectures of Anselm at Laon.

He was one of the bishops elect whom Anselm refused to consecrate (1101) as having been nominated and invested by the lay power.

The works of the classical authors before mentioned were printed, and other treatises were published by John de Indagine, Codes, Andreas Corvus, Michael Blondus, Janus Cornaro, Anselm Douxciel, Pompeius Ronnseus, Gratarolus, Lucas Gauricus, Tricassus, Cardanus, Taisnierus, Magnus Hund, Rothman, Johannes Padovanus, and, greatest of all, Giambattista della Porta.

St Anselm denied that any penalty was due to the devil, and in terms of feudal honour restated the problem.

He became a monk in the Benedictine monastery of Christ Church, Canterbury, where he made the acquaintance of Anselm, at that time visiting England as abbot of Bec. The intimacy was renewed when Anselm became archbishop of Canterbury in 1093; thenceforward Eadmer was not only his disciple and follower, but his friend and director, being formally appointed to this position by Pope Urban II.