Sentence Examples with the word Annie

The whole business with Annie Quincy leads up to a similar suicide.

She went out of her mind crazy when Annie disappeared.

I lived close by Annie and I didn't have an alibi.

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The woman introduced herself as Annie Mae Wilkie and informed us she was the treasurer of Brockville, in addition to holding several other positions.

She obsessed with the Annie Quincy story, and....

When he said yes, I gave him the name Annie Abbott.

I hadn't known how Annie was abducted and chastised myself for not seeking the details.

Across the street, right behind the Western Hotel, you had The Bird Cage, The Bon Ton, The Temple of Music and then Ashenfelter's stables that Annie mentions hearing the men loading the pack animals.

Son, Annie Quincy lived in a boarding house.

They said they always heard Aunt Annie lived in a fine rooming house before she met up with Reverend Martin.